Giacomo Mora has been a character animator for feature films in studios like Illumination Mac Guff in Paris, Cinesite Studios in Montréal, and Double Negative in London. He is also a Lead Animator on the independent short film “Mila” and on the short film “Solestice.”
After spending years with Illumination Entertainment working on films such as “Sing,” “The Star,” “Venom,” “‪Despicable Me 3,” commercials and shorts , Giacomo embarked on a personal project and wrote “Breath.” Inspired by his dear friend who passed away too soon, it’s a true story about taking risks, facing impossible odds, and finding the courage to follow ones dreams.
Giacomo’s passion for animation pushes him not only to deepen his understanding of 3D animation and stop motion techniques, but also to explore innovative ways to express himself through this magical medium. Giacomo is also passionate about photography, drawing, reading and last but not least, sports.